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I've had several people contact me about other class information. I will try to get with the school soon to see about getting information for other classes. In the meantime, if you know who is in charge of your class reunions or keeping contacts send me the information so I can add it. Send ideas or comments to
I will post the newer requests and information at the top of the list.

Ben Smith's journey to becoming the "Fittest Man on Earth" began with workouts in a storage room at his family's home. Appropriately modest surroundings for someone who would rather extol the virtues of his sport than receive individual praise for becoming the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games champion in California late last month. "I just want to bring it to as many people as I possibly can," Smith said of CrossFit training. The 25-year-old earned the CrossFit title on his seventh try. His quest started while he was playing baseball at Great Bridge High School and looking for ways to reach the majors. One of his early workouts is called "Cindy" - continuous rounds of five pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats for 20 minutes. Afterward, he dripped with sweat as he lay on the floor exhausted. He loved it.
"Nothing I'd found to that day was that hard," he said.
Smith graduated from Great Bridge in 2008.

Can anybody help with these requests for information?

My name is Dave Baldwin. I graduated from Great Bridge in '84. I have been searching for a Great Bridge Wildcats baseball hat for months. It is the forest green mesh on with the raised 3d gold paw on it. I have tried the school and even called the distributor. They say that the only way to get one is to order twelve. Any help finding one will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Bryan,
I wanted to pass along some good news. My novel APOLOGY recently received the 2013 Milkweed National Fiction Prize. Here's the book trailer (filmed in Norfolk by an Emmy-nominated film editor for his work on the cable TV show DEADLIEST CATCH): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kHdrQzriqE I hope you'll consider posting and sharing with other GBH alumni. Thanks so much!
All best,
Jon Pineda

Bryan, my name is Earl Fizer (1965) and wish to find a dear friend who graduated 1964 from GBHS. Her maiden name was Carolyn Boykin. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Hi My son Joseph H Jones would like to show his sports pictures to his kids. He was on the track team and Basketball team in year 84 and 85. Could you please help me find pictures for him. Pictures of the teams not just him.
Ruth Leveston

Looking for 1964 Faculty Member Sharon Grubbs who taught French.
Dr. C. Russell Mayo

I Taught Business Education at GBHS in 1951 And moved to the new school before I left in 1955. If anyone has a picture of the grade 1 through 11 School where Doug Eley was Principal and Beck Mann was Librarian Please send me one at nmoore6349@yahoo.com
Thanks Noble Moore

Hi Bryan!
I'm trying to find Tara Morrison from class of 78'-80' not sure. Just thought in case you may come across her.
Tarah Whittington-Sampel

I went to Great Bridge School till 1966, I was in the ninth grade then, when I moved. I am looking for a friend I had, Richard best or Gerald Fentress. I lived on Waters Road. If you can Post this I would appreciate it.
Veterans Still Serving America
Mike Culpepper
2nd Vice Commander
American Legion Post 137
Huntsville, AR
Reply for above: Went to GBHS in 1970 replying to a Mike Culpepper listing please post this. Would love to talk to you. Mike Culpepper left a note but address is no longer in use. Richard Best

I don’t have any information about my mom, Darlene Grace Bartram or her family other than I know she attended GB High School. She would be 85-86 years old. Does anyone know anything? Thank you in advance, much appreciated.
Rose Ann Misener

Mrs. Barbara,
My name is Riccardo from Italy.
I understand you are looking for Michael Kahler . I am looking for a teacher with the same name too, but I am not so sure if he is “Bruce” Michael or not. I know he currently teaches at the Southwest High School - El Centro, CA and lives in Yuma, AZ. But before you start jumping in happiness, please be sure that he is the right person you are looking for. The link I enclose are for a picture of Michael Kahler and for the school in El Centro as above, where you could easily find him out (by phone?).
I will be very pleased if my information will lead you to your old friend. If it is not so, I wish you all the best and good luck in your quest and, please, keep me informed if you don’t mind.
Best Regards
Bergamo, Italy

Class of '65, I am looking to contact a former teacher at GBHS. His name is Jim Henderson. He taught me in 1964-65. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bob Jones.

** Information for Bob Jones **
I am pretty sure that the guy he is asking about is my friend Jim Henderson who lives in Bath NC. My "Jim" went on to be the football coach at Indian River HS in Chesa and they moved to NC where he was a Principal at Chowinity HS.
I don't have his exact address but am sure he will get a letter addressed to "Jim Henderson, Cool Point, Bath, N. C."
I saw Jim and his wife Joy this past weekend.

The Class of 1987 is planning their 20 year reunion. Details are available on the 87 class page.

I am Dianne Hancock (now Tarbert), class of 1963 and I am looking for Dorothy Prentiss (she had an older brother, Tommy). My parents still live in Chesapeake but I am in Maryland. If you can find any info, please reply.
Thanks so much,

Hi my name is Barbara. I am looking for an old friend who went to Great Bridge High School. I am not sure what year he graduated. His name was Bruce Michael Kahler. I attended Deep Creek High and met him through some friends. We were great friends and I miss him very much. We lost touch when he went into the army. I would love to know what happened to him. I am married and have a house full of kids now and would just love to know how life has treated him. So anyhow if anyone has any info I would love to hear from you. You can e-mail me at BARBARA170@MSN.COM. Oh by the way he would most likely remember me as BJ. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Class of 1956, I am interested in getting in touch with other classmates. I have just recently joined the internet, so I don' know much about it yet. I don't have any addresses. I especially would like: Nancy Lancaster Giles, Myrtle Bruce Lambert, Marion Smith Allen I am looking forward to the reunion. Thank you. Mildred Oakes Marshall

Class of 1960, I attended GB from 7th grade (1954 to graduation 1960). I still live in GB. I have photos from past reunions and several annuals (some for sale). I also have a book that lists most graduates back to the 1920's. The library in GB has most of the annuals back to the 1950's. If I can be of help let me know, stubsmith@aol.com Stuart B. Smith

Class of 1963, Hello, My name is Lois (Diehl) Griffin and I am a graduate of the class of '63. I was wondering if you have any information on the next reunion. I was thinking that since this is 2003, that one might be coming up. I registered with Great Bridge H.S. over a year ago and have not heard anything. Lois Griffin. If I can be of help let me know, flaaquileo@aol.com Lois Griffin

E-mail list for Class of 1968, I realize that most of my classmates may not be here; however, I am a proud graduate of Great Bridge High School and I would like to touch base with those that are still here. Dennis bluetopazring@charter.net

Class of 1977: I'm curious about what the folks from 1977 are up to these days -- is there a '77 web site that I haven't yet found? I'm Nancy Williams Ambrosiano, living in the mountains outside Santa Fe, New Mexico (not bad, it's a dry heat . . ). I didn't get to any reunions (coinciding with family losses, moves, etc.) but I'd like to be in touch somehow with my old friends! You can see a little of what I'm up to at either of the following web sites: http://www.horsekeeper.com, and all its little links, plus professionally at http://www.lanl.gov/orgs/tr where I'm the communications director. I'm on the counterterrorism side, not the nuke side, so no funny comments, OK?

Class of 1979, Hi! My name is Cheryl Robinson and I was wondering if you had any info on the classes of '78 and '79. I graduated in '79 and have a morbid curiosity about some of my former classmates. I never got information on any of the reunions...My e-mail address is dobrien131@msn.com or dobrien131@aol.com.

Class of 1982, Have you gotten any information from anyone from the class of '82?? Brian Miller class of '82. If I can be of help let me know, "brian miller" bmiller105@cox.net

Hi! The GBHS Class of 1984 is in the process of planning our 20 year reunion. If you can list me as the contact on your web page, that would be great! My email address is KatePortuese@aol.com.
Thank you very much!
Kate Portuese

Class of 1987, I was wondering if you had any info on the class of 87? I have put together a yahoo group for that year and need help promoting it. I thought we could help each other out. You can actually email me at kathlinebutler1@yahoo.com Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Kathy Butler

My name is Greg Jones, I Graduated from High School in 1994. I am currently working at a Store called "Heaven and Earth", I am looking to obtain a managerial position at the moment. I am also a youth leader at my local church Immanuel Baptist. I would love to hear about any information you have on my graduating class. Also, just curious if you have any info. as to when my class is having it's ten year reunion.
Thank You,

Class of 1997, My name is Damien DeShaun Smith. I graduated in 1997 and i just wanted to update you and the school on what has been going on in my life. I am an actor and soon i will be returning to the soon to be international tour of RENT playing the role of Angel. I even get the chance to perform at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk this coming November. i just wanted to find away to let everyone at school know including my favorite teacher Mrs. Myers who was my chorus teacher. I don't really know how to get in touch with her. however i would love to get back in contact with her and anyone else who is interested in seeing my show. Thank you so much Damien

If you have any information that may help contact me and I will pass it along. If you are looking for information and would like for me to post it here send it to me.
Contact me at and I'll post it here.