Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1995

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Hi, this is Bev Cross, Class of 95. I was wondering when and where is our 20 year class reunion? I missed the first one. I live on the west coast. But, I like to attend. If you could email @ Itzelcross@yahoo.com. or call me or text me @ (702)521-6185 I'm just looking for an address and location of our 20 year High School Reunion for class of 1995. I would really love to make it. Thank you :)

I came across the memoriam that you set up for Great Bridge High. When I saw the picture of Michael Meeks (Class of 1997) it brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy that his classmates and friends remember him so fondly after all these years. Thank you for the picture, the kind words and the rush of sweet memories that your site brought to me today.
Jessica Wilson (class of 95)

I am wondering if i can get your help. I am in the class of "95 for great bridge high school, and I went to your website about the reunion. I didn't go to that, but if i would've it would've been just to see one person. Jessenia Perez-Cruz. My name is Robert Slabaugh (she knows me by Bobby), and i was wondering if you could somehow get in touch with her to give her this email address rslabaugh_gcl@yahoo.com. I looked her up in the whitepages online and found a couple names with her new last name. I've been calling them all day and getting nowhere. Could you please help me?

GBHS - c/o of 95
From: GBHS - class of 95
please add www.gbhs95.com to the class of 95 page. let us know if you have any questions.
GBHS 1995 Reunion Committee
Great Bridge High School - Class of 1995

Hi I was curious if you knew who would be in charge of the class of 95 reunion or if you had any info on how or who should be contacted for that information thanks