Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1994

Looking For Information

I just happened on your site. We are having the 1994 20 year class reunion at The Signature at West Neck on Nov. 22nd 2014. Please post up that they can contact us at gbhs94reunion@gmail.com to buy last minute tickets!
Or me direct at jena.ski@gmail.com
Jennifer Cooper

LOST: I saw a post about a ring found at the beach. A few years ago my house was broken into while I was in the hospital. My rings were stolen including my 1994 ring. I know this is a long shot but mine was gold, with black onyx, initials wda, football logo on the side with the number 72. Thank you for your time, Will Alexander.

My name is Robert (Bobby) Tyndell I graduated in 94 from Great Bridge. I am trying to reach some of the people I graduated with. They can contact me on face book or tbird172000@yahoo.com
Robert Tyndell

Hey Everyone, there is a 15 year reunion in the works... get on to Facebook and find me and I will keep everyone posted on dates and such... We are working to have it in the fall of 2009. You can also email me at jennsm18@gmail.com. I look forward to seeing everyone!!! :)

Hi Bryan
My name is Marla George-Brooks. I graduated in 1994 just wondering if anyone out there remembers me and if you do contact me either on myspace or E-Mail me at marla6bro@aol.com. I live in P.A. I work drawing blood at a local hospital as well as at a GYN office I am married and have 2 kids ages 9 and 3. I'm still crazy and would love to hear from all my buds.

I am sure you have been asked this at least a dozen times by other members of the class of 1994. Do you have any info on a 15 year reunion? I cant believe we are the only class is not having a reunion. We missed the 10 year one, we need to get something together. Please email me at k_doxey@yahoo.com. thanks
Kathy (Doxey) Nielsen
Class of 1994

Thanks for keeping the Great Bridge Memorial web site going. I didn't realize so many people I knew in high school had passed on. I graduated from Great Bridge in 1994, and knew a lot of those from different grades as well. Please keep this site going in their memories.
Howard "Les" Springer, Jr.
Great Bridge High School Class of 1994

I graduated GBHS in 1994. My name is Rebekah James (formerly Gilbert). I am trying to touch base with two of my English teachers, Martha Woolery and Elizabeth Vinson. It seems both have retired from teaching (how very sad; they were both excellent and inspiring). If anyone knows how to contact them, please email me at rebekah_james416@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Hello there!! My name is Diana (Werner) Smith. I spoke with Andy Montero not too long ago, and I believe that there is a 15 year reunion in the works. I will let everyone know as soon as I hear something.

My name is Tim Hudgins, a 1994 Graduate of Great Bridge. I am currently employed as a Sales Manager for a top broadline food service distibutor. I have been in Ohio for the past 8 years. Since we did not have our 10 year reunion, does someone know, or is someone planning a 15 year reunion instead? If you have any information you may email me at tim_lisa_h@yahoo.com. Thank you.

My name is Chris White, I am a 1994 graduate of Great Bridge High school. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about a reunion or if it is passed already? My email address is cwhitey23@hotmail.com if anybody knows anything. I am teaching at a private school in virginia called Brunswick Academy.
Chris White

My name is Greg Jones, I Graduated from High School in 1994. I am currently working at a Store called "Heaven and Earth", I am looking to obtain a managerial position at the moment. I am also a youth leader at my local church Immanuel Baptist. I would love to hear about any information you have on my graduating class. Also, just curious if you have any info. as to when my class is having it's ten year reunion.
Thank You,

My name is Daniel Watson, I graduated in 1994. Currently I'm in the Military, have been for a while now. Anyways, I'm looking for information about our 10 year reunion. It's coming up mighty fast and I kinda need advance notice with everything going on in the world today. I would greatly appreciate any info anyone could send my way...Thanks.
Daniel J. Watson

Just wanted to know if you have heard anything about having a class reunion for 1994?
Kristine West

1994 / Hello everyone, has anyone heard anything about a reunion? It is the year, and I haven't heard a thing. I'm listed with the BC Harris Publishing people, but refuse to make my information for sale via classmates.com. If anyone remembers me, I'm still in Hampton Roads, having fun and working hard (between my own company ( www.757tech.com ) and my daytime employment). Personal page is at http://users.757.org/~ethan ... feel free to email me at ethan@757.org -- Ethan O'Toole / 1994