Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1993

Looking For Information

Hi Donnie! Beth (Norton) Jamison here! How are you? I think this would be a great site for us to keep in touch. The other sites make you pay. Do you keep in touch with anyone from high school? I really only keep in touch with Brandi (Legum) Bartok and Nichole (Beucler) Toney. It's sad, really. I think about everybody from Great Bridge all the time. Where do you live now? I live in Greenville, N.C. My husband and I went to Hodad's a couple of years ago and ran into the Darnells and Boots Brinn. They were trashed!!! It was like I had gone back in time, only I had a family and was 15 years older.
Let's keep the chat up. I'll let Brandi and Nichole know about this site and ask them to pass it on to their friends as well.
Take care.

Hey, my name is Dawnte Hubbard c/o 1993!!! Where is everyone at? No information or anything. I can be contacted via email divalee98@hotmail.com

I was hoping you could add a 1993 page to the great Bridge site...it would be a good way to keep in touch with those who wish to do so from our class.
Donnie Evans