Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1986

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Hi Bryan,
Can you do me a favor and change the message about the class of 86 website? We moved the site to a myspace group to allow more interaction among class members. It is now located at http://www.myspace.com/gbhsclassof1986.
- Beth Arbogast

The class of 86 has a website at www.gbhsclassof1986.org. The site is password protected. To get a login ID and password, class of 86 alumni need to send an email to me at admin@gbhsclassof1986.org with their full name (current and name in high school) as well as the email address they would like posted on the email directory on the site.
The site includes pictures from our 20th reunion, a message board, an alumni email address directory and links to other GBHS Alumni sites (including yours).
Beth Arbogast - Class of 86

I love your site. Thanks so much for all your efforts and hard work to keep the alumni in touch. I am a class of 86 graduate and we will be holding our 20 year reunion on June 10. We would like to acknowledge our deceased classmates. Do you know what happened to Michele Davis and Mike Donnelly? It is always so sad and shocking to hear that someone from our class has passed.
Thanks again for the Memorial page.
Amber Ridgely Cleveland

Hi My name is Robin Smith Berens Class of 1986 and I wanted to say I stumbled across your website by accident. Could you please post the following to my fellow "lost" friends.
To the Class of 1986, for those of you who knew me in school, I am back living in the same house I grew up in on Mt. Pleasant Road. I would love to hear from any of my lost friends and can not wait until our 20 year reunion.
I would also like to leave a dedication for one of the few guys in my class that ever went out of his way to show how much he cared for his friends. Wayne Wyatt was one of those guys that did not care what was the cool thing to do but was one that cared about what was the right thing to do. I have thought about him over the years as he made my school days special.
Thanks Bryan for a great website, and you can post my email of rsberens@cox.net for anyone to contact me.
Robin Smith Berens
Class of 1986

Hi everyone!
I attended Hickory Elementary, Southeastern Elementary and GBJH while my family was stationed at Northwest Naval Base. I have lots of wonderful memories of the friends I made and some of the great teachers there. I participated in All-City Chorus, NJHS and was a member of the gymnastics team in 7th grade. My father retired from the Coast Guard in 1981 (the end of my seventh grade year) and we moved to Tennessee. I have been trying to get back in touch with some classmates, and wondered if anyone knows how to reach Claudia Clark who was one of my best friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear from you too!
Cynthia (White) Kirkwood

A reunion is currently being planned for the Class of 86. The event will be held on June 10, 2006 at the Sheraton Waterside, from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. If you would like to volunteer to help the "reunion committee", please call Donna Sorey at 482-2999. If you would like more information or want to leave your current mailing address and/or email address, please email Donna at 1986GBHSreunion@cox.net.

Years have gone by so quickly, yet we all wonder where everyone has gone. I want to say hi to everyone, how are you and where are you now. I have not seen anything on when our Class of 86 reunion will be, I hope to. I attended the 10 year with my husband. I am remarried and living in Moyock, NC. I have two beautiful teenagers. Can't wait to hear from some of my friends from Great Bridge High School Class of 86.
Valerie "Carter" Beary
Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

I attended my reunion in 96 and learned at that reunion that Wayne Wyatt class of 1986 died. He was a great person, very athletic and very sweet. He played for the GB Football team during high school. He worked after that at Tidewater Construction, which is how he died on the job.
Thank you
Valerie "Carter" Beary
Class of *86*
Memories Are Worth A Liftefime Of Cherished Happiness

Hey everybody!! I just noticed the website and wanted to say hi. It's been a long time! Russell Kellim

Didn't see 1986 listed on your Class Connections area. Has there been interest from anyone else in that class?
-Danny Vinson