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Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1978

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My name is Dawn Harris (Talley), class of 1977. Is there any talk of a reunion for the class of '77 along with '76, and '78?
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Sharing a memory . . .

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 09:44:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: tarah whittington <tarahobrien79@yahoo.com>
My father Timothy Whittington attended Great Bridge High School and graduated in 79 or possibly 78. I wanted to let everyone know that on August 14th 2003 my father was killed in a single car accident on 1-70 in Kansas City Kansas. It may seem odd but my father talked about hi high school years alot and I was born soon after he graduated. He talked so often of all of his friends I feel like I know many of them myself. If you could please post a little bit about my father It would be very greatly appreciated! My father was an Microsoft certified systems engineer and worked for Burlington Northern Railroad in Kansas City Kansas. He has 4 children Tarah (myself) 24, Tim Jr. 23, Devon 22, and Jessica 21. He also has 7 grandchildren. My father was a great guy and I just thought he deserves to be remembered.
thank you very much! Please feel free to post my e-mail address if anyone would like to contact me for any reason!!
Tarah Whittington-O'Brien