Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1973

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Hello Bryan,|
I would like to add my brother to the GBH class of 1973 in memory.
Wayne Russell Dick, Jr. was suppose to graduate in 1973, but on a fishing trip on Tulls Creek Road in NC, he was passing a car, and a car behind him closed the gap, right then, a truck on a left side road pulled out..........he was hit several ways. The ambulance picked him up to take to Albermarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, where he had multiple injuries, and unfortunely died 5 days later. I am his little sister, Susan, and it was and still is a life changing ordeal. He was only 17 and I was 15. My parents still got a graduation certificate. Please remember him in your memories:
Wayne Russell Dick, Jr. 07-9-55 / 05-4-73. He loved to fish, had a job at a gas station on the corner of Military Hwy/Campostella (no longer the same one there) loved dogs. Missed terribly.
I remember he had a girlfriend, but, couldn't remember her name. Is there a way to ask the forum for anyone that was his girlfriend at the time, and to contact them or have them contact me?
thank you so much for your time. I await a reply.
Susan Marie Dick Harrell
Chesapeake, Va
Susan Harrell : )

I have two family members that attended Great Bridge High School, in case you are looking for alumni for a reunion.
One is my cousin, Marvin Martin, who graduated in 1966.
The other is my sister, Pamela Martin. I noticed when I was visiting at Great Bridge High School about a year ago, that she was not pictured with her class on the class picture in the hallway. I didn't think I had the year wrong...I looked at other pics and she was not in them either. She was friends with Billy Kay Jones and Billy Kay's brother Steve Jones, who she dated for a while. As far as I know, my sister graduated in 1973.
I don't know that either Pam or Marvin can get to a reunion since they live out of state. But if you're sharing classmate info, you may say that Marvin lives in Wilmington, NC, and Pam lives in Sarasota, FL. Both are healthy and well, and happily married with adult children (Marvin), and Pam has one child, a teenage son.
--Debbie Martin, cousin to Marvin and sister to Pam

I'm a 1973 graduate of GBHS. I don't see a listing for that particular year. I'm guessing that this bunch has lost all communication with each other, as I've never received anything regarding a high school reunion. Have you heard from any of these people.
Barb Heine