Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1968

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Hi Bryan
I attended Great Bridge High School from 1964-1968. I saw on the site that someone wanted a picture of Carole Shelton posted by her name. I was saddened to just find out about her death and many other classmates from that era. I also knew Pete Parker (he signed my Jr. High yearbook “Chalkback Pete”) I have no memory of why! Ha! I noticed that someone wanted a picture of Carole posted by her name. Carole was a real sweetheart, one of a kind. I have the 1965 yearbook and will be glad to scan the picture of Carole for you, and any others that are asked for up to the 1968 class since this book probably has most of these people in it.
Great Bridge at this time was exactly that…It was a great school with one hell of a football team during the 60’s under Billy O’Brian. We lost the first three games of the year in 1964 and after that we won 27 in a row. I went to school for two full years without our team loosing a game!
Let me know something.
William Linton (1968)

I realize that most of my classmates may not be here; however, I am a proud graduate of Great Bridge High School and I would like to touch base with those that are still here.
Dennis bluetopazring@charter.net