Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1966

Looking For Information

Do you know if there will a 50th class reunion? I am in contact with class members and we would like to know. Most live in Fl and we would love to attend.
Thanks for any info Elizabeth(Liz)Wheeler Hammond

Hi Bryan,
My name is Larry Vincent. I am a 1966 GBHS graduate.
Looking for information about a 40 year class reunion.
Called the school, talked with a Windy Scott who advised checking out the GB alumni site. Can't find it. HELP !!!
I live in Orlando and palnning a trip to Chesapeake the spring/summer to visit family. Would like to paln the trip the same time as the reunion, if there is one.
I would appreciate any information or leads you might have.

I have two family members that attended Great Bridge High School, in case you are looking for alumni for a reunion.
One is my cousin, Marvin Martin, who graduated in 1966.
The other is my sister, Pamela Martin. I noticed when I was visiting at Great Bridge High School about a year ago, that she was not pictured with her class on the class picture in the hallway. I didn't think I had the year wrong...I looked at other pics and she was not in them either. She was friends with Billy Kay Jones and Billy Kay's brother Steve Jones, who she dated for a while. As far as I know, my sister graduated in 1973.
I don't know that either Pam or Marvin can get to a reunion since they live out of state. But if you're sharing classmate info, you may say that Marvin lives in Wilmington, NC, and Pam lives in Sarasota, FL. Both are healthy and well, and happily married with adult children (Marvin), and Pam has one child, a teenage son.
--Debbie Martin, cousin to Marvin and sister to Pam

Hi! My mom and I were wondering (she graduated in '66 from GBHS) why the class of 1966 isn't posted anywhere? We also wanted to know when the next reunion is happening and where it'll take place. Can you look into this?
Nicole Gipp and Kate Gordy Gipp