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Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1965

Looking For Information

Hello Bryan,
I came across your website whle doing an internet search on my Dads high school. His name was Lawrence Wayne Proctor, class of 1965 and passed away on August 26, 2011. If you would could you please include him on the "In Memoriam" page, thank you.
I do not have any high school pictures of him such as yearbook pictures or maybe some classmates have pictures with him. Could you post a note on your website requesting of those who know my Dad to send me yearbook pictures etc they might have. Also, anyone that may have stories of my Dad they would like to share I would most interested to hear. My email is mwpphx@cox.net
Thank you,
Mark Proctor

Bryan, my name is Earl Fizer (1965) and wish to find a dear friend who graduated 1964 from GBHS. Her maiden name was Carolyn Boykin. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

I wanted to thank you for keeping the memorial site. My mother was Carole Shelton from the class of 1965. I have not heard from, nor seen any of my mother's friends since her death in 1996. I'd also like to post a picture of her on the site, only I don't have her high school yearbooks. Could someone from the class of 1965 (Mr. Jones?) please post a picture of my mother next to her name by scanning it from your yearbook? I'd really appreciate it.
Beth Norton Jamison (Class of 1993)

** Information for Bob Jones **
I am pretty sure that the guy he is asking about is my friend Jim Henderson who lives in Bath NC. My "Jim" went on to be the football coach at Indian River HS in Chesa and they moved to NC where he was a Principal at Chowinity HS.
I don't have his exact address but am sure he will get a letter addressed to "Jim Henderson, Cool Point, Bath, N. C."
I saw Jim and his wife Joy this past weekend.

Bob Jones please contact me with you current email so I can send you the information.

I am looking to contact a former teacher at GBHS. His name is Jim Henderson. He taught me in 1964-65. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Bob Jones.