Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1963

Looking For Information

My name is Tom Brooks. I lived in Farmville, Va. in the 1960’s. I dated a girl by the name of Judy Rice who was from Great Bridge, Va. (or maybe it was Deep Creek). We met while she was attending Longwood College. I believe she attended Great Bridge High School and graduated in 1963. I ran into a mutual friend, Greg Dawson, who asked if I had kept up with Judy. I told him that I believed that she had married someone by the last name of Hayes but I am not sure. I am single and living in Jacksonville FL now and would like to make contact with her. Can you help? If so, my email is tomcpa4053@gmail.com. Thank you.

Any info on Fall 1962 football team being recognized at Homecoming this Fall?

We were left a message on our phone regarding a class reunion of 1963 alumni, we called back and left a message. Haven’t heard any more. Do you know the contact person for the Class Reunion of 1963. I would guess it would be 1961 – 1963 or something like that.
My contact information is 757 880-9180 (cell phone 24/7) and my name is Hugh (Ricky) Parker.

Larry Owens, class of 1963?, died October 2000 from heart failure. This is to share with his classmates from his brother John. He will always be sorely missed and loved.

I am Dianne Hancock (now Tarbert), class of 1963 and I am looking for Dorothy Prentiss (she had an older brother, Tommy). My parents still live in Chesapeake but I am in Maryland. If you can find any info, please reply.
Thanks so much,

Hello, My name is Lois (Diehl) Griffin and I am a graduate of the class of '63. I was wondering if you have any information on the next reunion. I was thinking that since this is 2003, that one might be coming up. I registered with Great Bridge H.S. over a year ago and have not heard anything. Lois Griffin. If I can be of help let me know,
Lois Griffin flaaquileo@aol.com

Please read and see if we can help!

My father and his friend both went to Great Bridge High back in the 60's. My Dad (Larry Hufton) graduated in 1963, and I think his friend (Donald Leland)graduated in 1965. Somewhere along the way Donald's annuals became misplaced, and my Dad's were burned in a fire in Virginia at his old home. We all currently live in Pueblo, CO. Donald passed away 4 years ago in Virginia Beach and I have become close friends with his daughter here in Colorado. Because she doesn't have very many pictures of him before she was born, she feels that part of her family's past is missing. I would love to be able to provide her with a picture of her dad in high school. Did you know either of them? Also do you know of a way for me to track down a photo of him so I can surprise her and help her feel like that piece of her past is no longer missing? Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I very much look forward to hearing from you!
David Hufton, dhufton@yahoo.com
Pueblo, Colorado