Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 1956

Looking For Information

My mother, Dolores Ann Byrum (Powell) graduated with honors from GB, c/o 1956. Twenty days after her 40th birthday, New Years Eve, 1977, she passed away. She was a wonderful mother, wife, daugther sister and friend. If you could post this on your site, I would greatly appreciate it. Class reunions use to be listed in the VP newpaper. When I read of her upcoming 50th reunion, several years ago, I called the number listed and spoke with a class mate or hers that turned out to be my mothers maid of honor in my parents wedding. I can't recall the womans name at this moment but she was so very kind and invited me to the reunion to come and meet her and several other of my mothers classmates. I met people whose names I had come to know…. Basnight, Creekmore, Nichols, Allison, Hollowell and Everton. I will never forget being able to meet the people that my mother thought so much of. I would love for any of you to contact me regarding my mom… just to let me know you knew her. My email is rayer2000@aol.com
Thank you,
Sherri Powell Wood
Proud to be Dolores Ann Byrum Powell's daughter

I am interested in getting in touch with other classmates. I have just recently joined the internet, so I don' know much about it yet. I don't have any addresses. I especially would like: Nancy Lancaster Giles, Myrtle Bruce Lambert, Marion Smith Allen
I am looking forward to the reunion. Thank you. Mildred Oakes Marshall