Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 2002

Looking For Information

My name is James and I was supposed to be a member of the class of 02, however I moved to the greater Boston area just before Junior Year. However, I am looking for an old friend who was in the class below me (03). Her name is Kim Silcox.
I'm just looking for any info on her or if anyone knows how I could get in touch with her, I'd love to catch up.
James McEvoy

This is really great you have a Memorial for all of the Great Bridge alum.
Owen Czapiewski class of 2002 “Great Bridge” passed away July 29, 2006. He had recently graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice. Owen was visiting family in Minnesota when he passed away he was involved in an all-terrain vehicle accident when he crashed into a house where he had been visiting family. Owens was a great buddy, he stood up for everyone and was always on time and willing to help with anything asked. He took heat for me once and it saved me from getting kicked out of school. It was his idea what we did on the field trip and he owed me a favor at the time but he could of pin the whole shebang on me but he took blame for it. A great buddy. Now I would like to repay the favor by requesting you to post his name on this wonderful site.

hey i was wondering if anybody knows someone i am trying to find again from school....his name is matt smith and he graduated from great bridge in 2002 i believe...if anyone knows him or anything about him i am trying to contact him ....thank you....please email me at badkittygirl17@aol.com