Welcome Great Bridge High School Wildcats

Welcome Great Bridge High School Class of 2001

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Hey Bryan,
My name is Rachel Elliott and I graduated in 2001 from Great Bridge. I just recently found out about the web site and noticed that an important figure in my high school career wasn't mentioned on the memoirs page of the site. As a teenager your mind is very impressionable, and a former teacher of mine made the most impression of all. His name is Mr. Jones, and he lost a battle with an illness shortly after I graduated. He had a passion for his students and not only taught us about Geography, US History, and Government, he taught us about life. He told us stories of what could happen if we didn't work hard in school, make good grades, and always see the good in life. Everyday was not only academically challenging, but socially challenging. I have thought of him often throughout the years and always reflect on the many life lessoned learned in History class. Mr. Jones will never be forgotten!!

My name is Dana Di Peri... I graduated from Great Bridge in 2001. I am currently attending ODU full time majoring in English with an emphasis in Journalism, and a minor in Communications. I graduated with an Associates' Degree in Social Sciences from TCC in 2005. I live in Norfolk with my boyfriend, Harlow. If anyone wants to get in touch my email is diperi3262@cox.net
There is one person missing from your memorium section who was a graduate from Great Bridge. Teresa Dell Garrison (Cutrell-married name) graduated around 1970 or 1971 and she died in September of 1998. She was like a second mother to me, and her daughter, Melissa, was like my sister. I was attending GB when she died... I was in the 10th grade. I will never forget the warmth and love she spread while on earth. Teresa will never be forgotten.... Love you Miss Teresa!!!!
Dana Di Peri
I also have a comment for the memorium section on David O'neal and Chad Guilfroy, both of the class of 2001.... both of them died in the same car accident on the first day of tenth grade in 1998. I remember David the most. I had had a crush on him since 6th grade!!! I will never forget.
You have a wonderful website... thanx so much!!! Dana

Hi, my name is Brandy Hankins. I graduated in 2001, I was Brandy Laird then. I am interested in trying to find friends from high school and seeing what they have been up to. I myself am married now and my husband and I have a 14 month old daughter named Brooke. I am interested in hearing from other 2001 graduates or anyone else that went to school at the same time as I did! I can be emailed at hankinsd2bt@comcast.net.
Brandy Hankins

I graduated a long time ago, the year 2001 and would just like to see what my fellow classmates have been up to. I know Mike Wilkerson is a saftey for JMU's football program, but I would love to hear from others. Thanks!
Chuck Reith